Mijn demo/album ‘Slow’, met twaalf zelfgeschreven nummers, is klaar. Het is hier te beluisteren: KLIK

De songteksten:

Other Side of the World

We didn’t go home just like we always did
We had another place to go
Drove so far in the back of the car
To the other side of the world

Even the bad songs on the radio
Got something magical this week
Seems so far from where we now are
On the other side of the world

Over hills like mountains we’d drive
About to have the time of our lives
Such an adventure, it felt so free
It was as good as it could be

The distance that we drove seemed further then
But time was still a friend of ours
Seems so far from where we now are
On the other side of the world

Over hills like mountains we’d drive
We sure had the time of our lives
Such an adventure and it felt so free
It was as good as it could be

Today I got home from that place again
It looked the same but much was gone
It wasn’t that far, as I drove my car
From the other side of the world

The hills seemed shallow as I would drive
Heading back to the same old life
There was a place where I used to be free
Drive away from history

About You

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for
I wasn’t really trying to find you
Because you were not likely to excist
I guess that means you’re too good to be true

Well, here’s your song
Wrote it just for you
Although I’m not an Ed
I hope it will do

I often didn’t buy a word
Of all the love songs that I heard
But you can believe this one’s true

I know it’s all been sung before
But still I had to add one more
Because there wasn’t one yet about you

Your name’s already in a lot of songs
It was sung much better than I can
It’s getting hard to find the words for you
So I’ll just use the same ones once again

Well, here’s your song
Wrote it just for you
Although I’m not an Ed
I hope it will do

You never fail to make my day
Now I can’t stop singing clichés
But please don’t mind that I do

A million love songs in this world
About a million boys and girls
But it still lacked one about you

Wide Eyes and Blank Stares

Hey doc, come pick me up and take me back to eighty five
When everything was simple and everyone I knew alive
We had no mobile phones but all our friends lived down the street
Our friends were everyone our age that we happened to meet

The wide-eyedness I now miss
From before my cares
That ignorance was bliss
It beats those blank stares

Nothing we messed up couldn’t be fixed within a day
A few hours from home could feel like half a world away
We couldn’t go online but there wasn’t much that we had to know
And what we knew was true because our parents told us so

When I think back to those uncomplicated days
It always seems like it was such a perfect phase
But trading it for today is something that I’d never do
When I think of what I’ve done and when I think of you

Open Ending

There he walks through his town
Like so many times before
He lived here for all his life
But it’s not home anymore

Too much has changed, too much has gone
So have most people he knew
He had a use some time ago
Now there’s nothing left to do

What he’s got left is a head full of plans
What he’s got left is much time on his hands

He’s nobody now
But they will not forget his name
They will know that he was here
This town will never be the same

The people will say
That they never would have guessed
That he would change so many lives
He’ll make an impact that will last

He used to have so many dreams
Very few of them came true
Still thinks he’s got things to say
But he wouldn’t know to who

He always gave and he hardly took
And now everything is gone
He always had so much to do
But what now that he’s done

Live Life Twice

Keep the pictures flickering
Keep the records crackling as they play
A blanket for the things
In the attic where they’re all stuffed away

It makes me live life twice
It adds the sugar and it adds the spice

All the blue is fading now
What remains is the warmth of the yellow and red
And as the light gets dimmed
The same old songs will play on in my head

The dust twists reality
Things will never be again like they were not
Fade into memory
We’ll never have again what we never got

Creating Memories

It’s like there’s something in the air
It’s somehow different than a day ago
It has been on my mind, I knew there was much more to find
So get here fast to take it slow

Morning broke so here we go
Creating memories to always last
It’s what we’ve waited for, some days are good and some are more
Not many better days have passed

This should go on for a month or so
But for now we’ve got today
Don’t sit and watch the hours go by
Grab it before it’s away

We don’t just go from A to B
And the trip’s just as good as getting there
No matter where that is, we’ll make it a place that we’ll miss
Our heaven could be anywhere

And still there’s something in the air
It’s just as perfect as a day ago
This will stay on my mind, who knew there was this much to find
Time goes too fast so take it slow

Heart vs. Brain

With nothing gained but a lesson learned
I should walk away and not return
It’s plain to see

It’s pretty clear what I’m supposed to do
I’ve heard all the cons and they’re all true
It all makes sense to me

Our paths never should have crossed
And in the end not much was lost
It turns out we never had anything at all
But still I wonder if I should call

I’ve got self-respect and sense in my brains
But they’re up against a heart in pain
Can’t you see

Keep telling me that I can never win
But with nothing to lose it just won’t sink in
It will never make sense to me

Brochure Blue Skies

The brochure blue skies with endless sunshine
The pictures you paint are my favorite charade
All the landscapes like orange crate art
Inside your cell is where my dreams were made

The light never shone so bright
From a place as dark as night

Who needs to understand
Who needs words to make sense
Cause when I’m with you
The summer never ends

From cradle to the grave or sea to shiny sea
No trip’s too far out you can take me with you
We’ll conquer time and we’ll conquer place
Without memories imagination will do


It started off quite long ago
Some time before I got my ears
It came by on the radio

It did enough quite long ago
To never fade throughout the years
If anything, I think it might grow

I started off taking it slow
My one defense, well that’s just me
This seems to be my way to go

Quit playing tough and take it slow
Just let it be how it must be
Just make sure you don’t go with a flow

Try to get as close as I can
And even if it fails again
I couldn’t do without it

There’s not much more that I can do
This is all I can give you
Could you please allow it

Pacific Ocean Black

The dark ocean meets a sea of light
As we’re drifting into our last night
We’ll have our feet back on the ground
When this all floats away

Words don’t make too much sense anymore
What we understand we’d better ignore
There’s a lot of talking around us
But no one has much to say

It’s such a great place to leave
We’re like the ships in the bay
It’s such a great place to be
We’re just a day away

We’re swimming in the seas of time
Each ripple moves in perfect lines
We’ll start a movement in this way
Somehow we’ll make a change

And if you lose your way in life
Remember there’s still plenty of time
You’ll have your feet back on the ground
When this all floats away

Eleven Eleven

I’d never heard such a deafening silence
Or seen the sky so grey
It never was as hard to pass a doorstep
As it was today

You said you would
And I just thought that you were full of it
But today fate proved you right

I’d like to think
That somewhere, somehow you are cool with it
You’d be the only one tonight

The words had never been as hard to get out
Well, what was there to say?
The laughter never had been as uneasy
As it was today

Groundhog Day

If you found just what you want
If you found just what you need
What you need to feel alright
What you need to feel complete

It’s right there but out of reach
It’s right there for you to see
For you to see that it’s so right
For you to see just what could be

If you keep your eyes shut
Cause it looks better then
You’ll never find your way
You’ll get lost again

And you don’t know what to do
And you don’t know what it takes
What it takes to lose your brakes
What it takes to change your fate

Can you live with what you are
Can you live with what you’re not
What you’re not but want to be
What you’re not and haven’t got


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